American woman has Brits’ jaws dropping as she tries Ribena for first time


One of the staple drinks that defined our British childhood was Ribena.

There was nothing like getting home from school, having a snack and watching TV while washing it down with a glass of the blackcurrant squash.

We can practically taste the purple liquid right now.

But it turns out, our pals overseas in the US don’t have Ribena – and they also don’t have a clue how to drink it.

This all came to light after TikTok user named Holly Auna, a singer from America, responded to a video by Dawn Farmer who claimed there are no blackcurrants in the US and that Americans were missing out on Ribena.

Intrigued, Holly decided to order herself some Ribena and give it a try.

In the clip, she says: “As soon as I saw that video I went on Amazon and ordered some Ribena.

“Ribena is made from blackcurrant plants and yeah we don’t have these in the US, I’ve never heard of these before.”

“Okay let’s give this a taste test,” Holly says, holding up a large bottle of undiluted Ribena.

She gives the contents a sniff and proclaims that it “smells like beets”, before proceeding to drink the concentrated squash out of the bottle, much to the horror of British viewers.

Despite not adding water to the squash, Holly seemed to still like the taste.

“That’s really good,” she says after her first swig.

“I really don’t like the smell combined with the flavour, but that’s really good.”

The video has since been viewed over five million times, garnering over 582,000 likes and more than 25,000 comments.

One outraged Brit said: “GIRL NO!!! You have to mix it with water!!!! It’s a cordial, so you have to mix it otherwise it’s too concentrated… signed, your British friend.”

Another posted: “The way my jaw DROPPED MAAAAAAAAM.”

A third wrote: “You chugged it straight!! My British soul DIED.”

Someone else pointed out that some Ribena drinks come ready-mixed – but this was definitely one to dilute.

Holly soon realised her mistake and shared a few updated in the comments: “You’re supposed to mix this with water, I am dead.”

She went on to say that she only took two sips from the undiluted bottle, but they did make her feel a bit sick.

She later shared another video of her tasting the squash with added water and adds that it’s “way better, that tastes like an actual drink not a syrup.”

So all’s well that ends well.